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  1. Hi Caleb,

    First off, I love the picture you used for your homepage with the typewriter! It's so classic and really sets the mood of writing well.

    After reading your introduction, I was left wanting more! When will you be publishing stories because it needs to be soon! I love how you wrote from the point of view of a third party narrator and I crack up at his attitude! I can tell you really enjoy your topic, and so do I! I think the origin stories of Earth is a fantastic idea for a storybook!

    My only suggestion is maybe adding a little more flare to your storybook. Like I said, the homepage picture is really cool but maybe think about adding more space-related things? I also think adding a picture of Earth on your introduction was perfect, but it almost felt anticlimactic to me. Maybe that's just me. Besides that I thought it was amazing!


  2. Caleb,

    Fantastic overarching aesthetic to the whole websites and stories themselves. Nothing is out of place; it seems like everything should be where it needs to be in terms of visual categorization. In fact, even the thematic image of comment wall reveals the same coordination of colors. Overall, the portfolio website itself is very uncluttered and simple, which is something that is important for navigation around! However, with a little more additions of pictures and texts, i think this can be very cool as well.

    In terms of the idea of the storybook itself, I like the way that you are introducing the stories! I think the overall concept can be a great idea, especially with the gods being quite the narcissists that they are. I look forward to read more from this storybook and from you!

  3. Hi Caleb, I really like your layout for you page. It is easy to find everything and includes the link to your comment wall which is perfect and easy. The visuals you include are awesome, my only suggestion would be to change the white to an alternate color so it does not seem as empty. As far as your introduction goes, I really like it and look forward to reading more. It for sure catches my attention!

  4. Hi Caleb,

    I really liked how your introduction was set up. The way you related the gods to each and every one of us was really cool and was intriguing as a reader. I also enjoyed the fact that you were using pronouns like 'you' and 'I', and it felt like I was an elementary school kid sitting on the floor waiting for my teacher to tell a story. Your website was easy to navigate, so there are no problems there. I cant find anything as of this week to critique, and I'll be looking forward to reading your other work! Good job!

  5. Hi Caleb,
    I enjoy reading the introduction of your storybook. I like how you start it. You said that gods love to exchange stories, so they want to make sure that their creation would have the same trait. I would say this is a thought full of creativity. I have never heard any story has a similar idea before. I think creativity is one of the most important values of all storytellers. For me, I would keep tracking your following stories.
    Another advantage of your story would be readability. In my opinion, the style, font, and background of your web page are beautiful and simple.
    However, I think your introduction would be better if you could provide more details on that. Maybe talk about your plan for the following stories or some specific ideas in your mind. I think this kind of preview would help readers to understand your main point of the storybook easily.

  6. Hey Caleb! I gotta be honest, your introduction had me HOOKED! Even after just reading the first paragraph of the intro, I found myself being so interested in what turn this was gonna take. It kind of reminded me of the Percy Jackson intro, which also made me immediately become intrigued. I love stories about there being multiple gods all working together and how each of their roles is so vital, so your take on gods being part of everything in our lives is super cool. And then the way you expanded it to relate to how our earth came to be was even cooler. I also think that your expansion on artist's impact was a very fresh perspective. I'm not sure exactly how you will tie that into your portfolio stories, but I am excited nonetheless. Great job on the intro, and can't wait to read the stories you add to it!

  7. Hi Caleb, I love the typewriter theme throughout, about everything being typed into existence. Your introduction was very creative and fun to read, and i could visualize what you were writing. I am excited to read more especially the part about where the unicorns have gone. I also want to see how you write about the beginning of the earth if your introduction was this much fun. I agree with some others though what if maybe in your introduction you could write a little bit more information on what your storybook will cover? If you already have stories that inspired your storybook maybe you could mention those a little or just an outline. If you choose not to though I understand because it is hard to write about the stories without giving too much information away. Right now it is set up so there is a lot of mystery though and makes me want to come back for more.


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